The Yoga Therapy and Training Centre (YTTC) is an Internationally recognised school of Yoga founded in 1995, directed by Roy Griffin, to meet the demands for professional yoga training in Ireland and the U.K.


A mix of yoga teacher training, yoga meditation training & yoga therapy training, specialist workshops and yoga classes are all available from the Yoga Therapy and Training Centre. A team of fully qualified registered tutors, who each specialise in various aspects of the world of yoga training, contribute to the teaching.


The YTTC system of training is a well rounded teaching system


We begin with the basics of asana(posture), pranayama, yoga nidra(relaxation), meditation and philosophy by breaking them step by step adn build them back up together.


A beginner focuses on alignment and understanding the classical postures, as they develop to an intermediate level, relaxation and breathing are layered into the practice and the students moves deeper into their practice. Meditation is introduced to the advamced practice as the practitioner learns to move from the centre working from the inside out. The revelant philosophy is given at each stage of the courses.


The Yoga Therapy and Training Centre headquarters are based in Dublin City with yoga centres in Cork, Dublin, L'Derry, Lisburn. Please see Training pages for details.


Ultimately, according to Patanjali, the author of the ancient Yoga Sutras, all of the systems lead to the same path, "enlightenment" (samadhi). No one can say that any one yoga school is better than another- different methods suit different people, and it is important to find the right school of yoga for you, the student.


We recomment that you speak directly with the lead tutor of any yoga course you are thinking of joining and discuss the course and whether it is the right course for you.


The marvellous thing about yoga is the richness in diversity!



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