Meditation Classes

Mindfulness Meditation (Constant Awareness) 60 minutes

The awakening of moment-to-moment awareness. We are not our thoughts we are the awareness within that is ever present, commonly known as “the watcher”. As we develop the skill of watching mindfully our “Authentic Self” naturally arise. The practice is about centering into our natural state, bringing this experience into the real world is the challenge and the joy of the practice.

Tutors: Roy Griffin, Joanne Maguire, Catherine Lynch, Clare Basset

Engaging our consciousness with awareness, discernment and spontaneity are the keys to the wisdom of mindfulness.


Insight Meditation (Intuition) 60 minutes

There is a universal wisdom that exists that filters through to us as moments of insight. Were we can experience the connection of unity, a state of absorption. This is the conversation we are all having between the universe and ourselves. Whether it is about relationships, career or the meaning of life the same principles apply to insight. To know insight is to know the path to wisdom, personal and universal. We all have personal truths that when aligned with universal truths show us our path through life.

Tutors: Roy Griffin, Joanne Maguire, Catherine Lynch, Clare Basset

Find a continuous flow of insight, stepping stones of insight if you will and follow that path.


Breathing Meditation (Energize) 45 minutes

You cannot think about the present moment all the time, it is much easier to breath the present moment all the time. If you ever truly wish to understanding how you feel about anything, listen to your breath. The keys to this practice is breath awareness. All breathing techniques are like a book, the more you practice the more the reveal. Breath awareness is the intelligence that translates the understanding into conscious thought. Plus is feel absolutely wonderful and alive when we breath consciously.

Tutors: Roy Griffin, Joanne Maguire, Catherine Lynch, Clare Basset, Jenny Cruise


Awareness Class (Awaken inner Power) 60 minutes

We are all profoundly connected is ways that can be challenging to understand, similar to the nevre ending looking out into the deep space of the body ot realizing it is connected to a central nervous system and the central cortex and universial conscious the pervades us all. This course explores the deeps of this experience and the natural powers that arise.

Tutors: Joanne Maguire


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Yoga Classes

All our teachers at the centre are YTTC trained in the Crown System of teaching. The system offers an integrated approach to yoga with the different aspects linked together through the varied classes.

Whether you are new to yoga or a regular there are many elements to explore and develop. You can start anywhere from strong to gentle yoga classes to the different meditations class, plus pregnancy classes. Have fun and enoy your experience!

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Stability Yoga (Alignment) 45/60/90 minutes

A stable body is a strong body, this class explores the classic postures with the focus on alignment, extension and openness, working from the outside in. Alignment creates stability and strength, extension creates mobility and openness creates flexibility.

Tutors: Roy Griffin, Joanne Maguire, Catherine Lynch, Clare Bassett, Jenny Cruise, Grace Telford Alignment creates stability and strength.


Core Yoga (Empowering) 45/60 minutes

Breath is the key that opens the door to the inner practice; it energises the body and mind. This class layers breathing into the yoga 1 stability class, developing the inner practice. We also explore active relaxation; the longer we hold the posture the less effort we put in and the more energy we get in return, commonly known as vitality.

Tutors: Roy Griffin, Joanne Maguire, Catherine Lynch Active relaxation and proper breathing are the keys to Vitality.


Flow Yoga (Strong & Energetic) 60/90 minutes

The flow of mindfulness, a clear mind within a fluid breath and steady body: are the elements of this practice. The balance of effort and no effort is the story of yoga 3. Bringing together the skills of stability and breath into a flowing meditative yoga practice. This class generates a strong energy as we move from the inside out.

Tutors: Roy Griffin, Joanne Maguire, Catherine Lynch, Grace Telford Mindfulness is the key to moving from our centre with wisdom.


Cardio Blast Yoga (Sun Salutation) 45 minutes

12 simple movements that create a focused mind and strong body. The power of heat cannot be denied, gradually working the heart rate up to the max with a slow steady decline into a blissful relaxation of letting go and peace. Intensity in a beautiful way, a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy heart.

Tutors: Roy Griffin, Joanne Maguire, Catherine Lynch, Grace Telford Will, focus and direction are the keys to all our destinations and the Sun Salutations are an excellent teacher.


Restorative Yoga (Healing and Bliss Out) 45/60 minutes

Restore, Renew, Release: an open body is a calm body; an open mind is a light mind. Sometimes we just need to release and relax and let go of all our holding, with gentle postures and deep breaths. Openness and spaciousness is the path to healing and bliss. Everybody loves this class, some days its just about being good to ourselves.

Tutors: Roy Griffin, Joanne Maguire, Catherine Lynch The focus here is on openness and spaciousness, healing and bliss are the reward.


Pregnancy classes (Preparation with Calm) 60/75 minutes

Be prepared for the wonderful birth

life affirming experience of your life, be strong, listen to your body and breath deep into the whole experience. Be prepared to let go and let it happen. The key to this practice is the breath, plain and simple.

Tutors: Clare Basset



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