Become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is a system of physical, mental and spiritual development, the benefits of which are now recognized by millions worldwide. The word 'Yoga' means to 'unite' or to 'join', precisely because it harmonizes and integrates all the levels of our multidimensional being, so that we realize our deepest potential and 'wholeness', health in the deepest sense of the word. Yoga is the oldest system of self-development in the world and is the birthright of each and every one of us.


The Yoga Therapy & Training Centre(YTTC) was established in 1996 to meet the increasing demand for professional Yoga training, and is now Ireland?s largest and fastest growing professional Yoga training body. In the short time since its establishment, demand for training courses has increased and are now available in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast, L'Derry & France.


With international recognition, the YTTC is a Yoga Alliance registered school, and is a member of The International Yoga Federation and the British Council for Yoga Therapy. The organization has gained a reputation for quality and excellence in teaching. This highly recognized Yoga qualification has to date been awarded to over 1500 students enabling them to teach Yoga at a professional level.

Become a Yoga Meditation Teacher

Meditation is a natural state were we all find our True self or Authentic self. Practising meditation is the development of awareness of this natural state and living it consciously moment to moment. It is about living in the now.


The course takes you on the journey of discovery that will be with you for the rest of your life.


There are many methods and techniques that help you maintain that state of being but to maintain that state of being present we must anchor ourselves into the present moment, physically, emotionally and mentally.


We explore the workings of the body and how to find that place of easy within the body that is called the centre, our natural integrity. Were being physically connected to the now is the natural state. The body has its own natural integrity and we will explore this through very simple limbering movements so as to prepare the body for meditation,


We explore the energetic state with an in-depth focus on Breathing practices (Pranayama) that open us up to the energy of the now. By activating the breath with awareness we open the space within. As with physically centring there comes the awareness of our natural integrity, by breathing into that integrity we find the natural breath, that flow of energy that is constant and effortless. The inward journey of discovery truly begins when we sit with ease; turn in to the breath that is effortless, breathing our inner space.


We explore the mental state with an in-depth focus on concentration that awakens us to the awareness within the mind that is intuitive, that part the mind that is not thought but pure awareness, effortless presence within a contained inner space.


Once we have established a contained inner space, we are ready to embark on the voyage of discovery that is our inner world. The world of the Chakras, simply put the Chakra are multi dimensional centres within us that can be experienced through many different meditation techniques.


The course will integrate the different limberings, breathing and meditation techniques to give you a fully rounded understanding of how to develop a meditation practice for yourself and importantly, how to teach these techniques to your own students with confidence and safety.


To do this we must start at the start, break down the basics, understand how they work. Then build them back up with the understanding how they work together as a unified practice.



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