Roy Griffin - YTTC Director

As the director of Yoga Therapy & Training Centre and the Crown Centre Roy is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization. His role involves overseeing the growth and development of the crown system training programs and maintaining the highest standards of yoga training.

He has developed a system of progressive yoga/meditation classes, workshops and teacher training courses that take students step by step through the teachings of the eight limbs of yoga.

As a young boy he developed a strong practice in pranayama, meditation, philosophy and began his formal training in 1992. He went on to spend time in Sivananda Vedenta International Ashrams in Canada and the Bahamas were he successfully completed his teacher training. He founded the Irish School of Yoga in 2000 and in 2007 he became the director of the YTTC. In 2013 he established the first Crown Centre with the second centre opening august 2014, were he presently teaches class, workshops and training.

Roy’s teaching style follows the classical principles of Hatha Yoga, combing asana, pranayama, meditation & yoga nidra with safety and awareness. Each posture tells a story; along the way the student finds their natural state of integrity through proper alignment, natural breathing and Mindfulness awareness. Roy take’s his commitment to yoga very seriously but his innate sense of humor is his constant companion.

Recently he has developed a training the teacher program for yoga teachers that will begin in 2014.


Joanne(Jo) Maguire

Jo’s yoga practice began at the age of 11 as part of her rehabilitation from a spinal injury.  Started her journey with yoga under the guidance of the Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland. She first began teaching yoga and meditation in 1994 in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

She has a Hon’s degree in Health Science’s, a Counseling Diploma with Ulster University along with in training transpersonal psychology.

Jo has been involved clinical research regarding the effects of yoga and complementary therapies on cancer patients. She is also a qualified acupuncturist and spiritual healer and has trained in many other complementary therapies such as reflexology, aromatherapy etc.

As studied health and complementary therapies up to postgraduate level. And holds an adult teaching qualification.

Jo is internationally known for her intuitive and healing abilities and has been a guest speaker on spiritual philosophy at many different conferences throughout Europe and the UK.

Seeking a further understanding of all aspects of yoga Jo began her YTTC training in 2010. And now holds a level one, level two, meditation diploma and yoga tutoring diploma.

She has a lighted hearted and enthusiastic approach to teaching and through her specialised teaching techniques encourages self-empowerment for every student. She is in full appreciation of the connection between the mind, body and the soul.


Clare Bassett

A teacher and philosophy graduate, Clare started her yoga journey in Spain in 2001 with her formal training with the YTTC from 2006-2012, completing the Level One Teaching Diploma in 2007, Yoga Meditation in 2009, YTTC Level Two Diploma in 2010. In 2009 CLare completed the YTTC Tutor Diploma and now teaches on the YTTC Level 1 Teaching Diploma and the YTTC Yoga for Pregnancy Diploma Training.

She has a deep love of teaching and her natural way to teach is fun and learner centered. She empowers her students by leading them to discover and listen to their own inner wisdom while challenging themselves to achieve their full potential.

A great believer in life long learning, she went on to study reiki, pregnancy and mum and baby yoga with Yoga Therapy Ireland

Clare teaches classes, pregnancy classes, workshops, foundation days, the level one teaching diploma training and the yoga for pregnancy diploma training.

Catherine Lynch

Catherine began her yoga journey in 2004 with her formal training beginning with the YTTC in 2009. Starting with the Level One Teaching Diploma in 2009, Yoga Meditation in 2011, YTTC Level 2 Diploma in 2013. From 2011 - 2013 Catherine completed the YTTC Tutor Diploma and now teaches on the YTTC Level 1 Teaching Diploma.

Over the last number of years Catherine has been teaching yoga almost daily to people from all walks of life and varying abilities. Catherine aims to deliver a class in which students are in the present moment practising yoga mindfully, where even when there is movement in the body there is a sense of calm and stillness in the mind.

Catherine believes in a well rounded yoga practise including pranayama, asana and meditation in order to achieve a de-stressed and relaxed body and mind. Catherine teaches classes, workshops, foundation days and on the level one teaching diploma. She is starting the Level Two Tutor Training in 2014.

Grace Sheridan

Grace began her yoga journey over 10 years ago whilst working and travelling the world as a professional Irish dancer on the river dance show. She found yoga hugely beneficial for keeping her physically, mentally and emotionally strong while performing for many hours of the day.

Grace trained with the YTTC from 2011-2014 starting with the Level One Teaching Diploma in 2011. In 2013 she qualified as a YTTC Level 1 Hatha Yoga teacher and is currently completing the Level 2 teacher training graduating in May 2014. She is starting her Level One Tutor Training spring 2014.

Grace is also a USUI Reiki master and finds that Reiki compliments her teaching and own practice of Yoga. Grace is very passionate about yoga and sees Yoga as a wonderful transformational process both on and off the mat.

Her classes have a balance of positive challenging energy and serenity to calm and relax. She encourages all her students to respect their unique bodies while working within their own limits to increase strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. Grace’s teaching places emphases on a deep connection with the breath, stillness and clarity of the mind and a mindful flow of movement.

Grace teaches classes, workshops, foundation days. She is starting the Level One Tutor Training in spring 2014.

Jenny Cruise

Jenny is the owner and lead trainer at Kilronan Equestrian Centre in north county Dublin for many years. After several years of practise, Jenny began her formal training with YTTC in 2011. Receiving her qualification in 2013, she went on to complete her level two training on the summer intensive 2013, receiving her level two qualification 2013.

Jenny personally found a deep sense of peace, clarity and well being from her own yoga practise. Her goal as a teacher is to help each student find their own peaceful centre and the authentic self that lives within.



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