From Instinct to Intuition

Choices Matter.


You are born complete. As a young baby you’re authentic in your innocence and instinctually present. Self-awareness has not yet developed so there is no differentiation or separation between you and the happening of existence itself. Essentially, you’re the embodiment of the deep primal knowing of the moment.

As a baby your radiant life force mesmerises adults. Your gaze is filled with abundance, absorbing life around you. Adults feel the deep wisdom of your unfiltered innocence and your innate empathy melts their heart.

How many times have you heard an excited adult say “Wow, she/he is looking right at me”. What they mean is that ‘they are really seeing me’, with the purity of clear sight. Young babies are free.

If we could retain these qualities as adults, and engage the world with the full awareness of knowing oneself, we would say we’ve attained the goal of life; and we’ve fully awoken to our authentic nature. So, why has this instinct become such a mystery to us as adults?


What happened?

As your brain develops you also develop intellect. The intellectual mind is the part of the mind responsible for reasoning. One of its gifts to you is perspective and choice. Choice and perspective is vital to foster and retain adaptability. And adaptability is integral to life. Think of a simple day, and bring to mind the numerous times you’ve had to assess a situation and become adaptable. In this need to be adaptable, choice has the power to keep you connected to your authenticity. And, it has the power to take you away from this connection. It’s a double edged sword.

Pain and fear are parts of our lives. But choices made from the experience of pain or fear, open us up to the possibility of making rash choices. In this struggle of hurt and fear, it doesn’t take many rash choices before we find ourselves down a road of complete disconnection. And this plays out on many levels within our lives, relationships, social standing, intimacy, and our sense of self, to name a few. Everybody has this story as part of their life, each unique but the core of it the same.

This place of disconnect is a construct we create through the choices we make rather than experiencing the living moment of ourselves and life. Effectively, the mind creates its own world rather than living in the world.

We can find ourselves living our hurt story and searching for that missing connection. But, what we’re really looking for is our truth story.


What is the way back?

The intellect and instinct must align. They must work is unison rather than against one another. When intellect and instinct are aligned with awareness, intuition awakens. Think of a time in your life when you really struggled with your direction and then, you had a lightbulb moment of clarity. What you needed to do just came to you. You felt the rightness of this clarity and you acted and it turned out, it was the right thing to do. This is your intuition. This is an example of you living your intuitive self. Of course it takes time to develop the full potential of your intuitive life. But, it starts by listening to your gut.

When something is right you know it, when something is wrong you know that too. You may not always be able to put words on it straight away but your intellect respects your gut instinct and your gut instinct trusts your ability to intellectualise your deep seated connection to yourself and to life.

To live your intuition, your intellect and your instinct need to listen and trust on another.

Where is a good place to start?

Think about what’s important to you, something simple and not overly charged with hurt or fear as you want to develop the skill of intuitive living rather than getting caught up in a battle of wills with yourself.

Let’s say it’s about your health and wellbeing and the surrounding choices you have. You have 5 choices. Go to a yoga class, meet friends, watch a movie, eat a meal or browse social media.

Look at all your options and ask yourself, what is my instinctive choice? Remember it’s not what you like or dislike, or prefer or not prefer, it’s what is your most natural choice. What would your body choose? Where is your life force drawing you to? And, where does your heart beat most? Which will make you feel most alive?

Remember it’s not about what you like or dislike, it’s about truth. What is the truth of your choices? You chose the one you most recognise as your truth. You must act on it and if it turns out to be right, great and if it turns out to be leading you away from your sense of truth then look at your choices and attune again and again, until your intuitive knowing is activated. Through the process you will gradually weed out the incorrect choices you have made along the way and your true path in life opens up.

As you’re developing your intuition there are some experiences you’ll have along the way. You’ll be aligned to your natural state of being with awareness. You’ll have full access to a clear mind. You’ll be attuned to your life force and the abundant spaciousness within. Empathy is your residence and love is your companion. You’re fearlessly looking at the world with the innocent eyes of an awakened being. Wisdom effortlessly flows through you and your perception of yourself and the world around you aligns with truth. You are now free again and this time you are aware of it!

Find yourself and your path, then follow it wherever it takes you.

Enjoy the journey!