Just Give Me The Truth

You’re grounded in your body, calmly engaging with a clear mind, there is an ease of contentment to you and a lightness of joy in your heart. Your intentions and actions align with your core values and you know the value of yourself and the true meaning of sharing those values with the people and world around you. You know the ground within you and your place in life because you know your purpose, you know your ‘why’.

Where does this journey of ‘why’ begin?

To explore this we’ll take a look at the chakras, truth and where the journey begins.

Chakras are multidimensional in nature and radiate throughout all levels of reality, from its primordial base to the highest enlightenment; the chakras are absolute truth. Life on our planet is an expression of the absolute and we are part of the frequency of life.

Humanity is somewhere on that line of evolution, from the primordial nature to the highest state of enlightenment. And, more interestingly everyone is on this journey, whether they realise it or not. But to realise the journey, you must first awaken.

It can all sound a little spiritual… awakening, realisation, enlightenment. But, if we take all spirituality out of the conversation there remains existence and the truth to fully awaken to one’s nature. There is a ‘way’, and this way resides outside any construct of dogma and ritual.

In truth, it is the most direct way as it is not weighed down by layers of cultural norms which have burdened religions for generations. What was acceptable 100 years ago is barbaric today, what was blasphemes 100 years ago is now the norm. The ‘way’ can easily be lost in the push and pull of societies norms of the day.

What is the starting point for anyone who is aware something is missing in their life and they’re searching for the way to understand themselves and this thing called life? To begin, you need to align with constants. These constants must not be based on cultural norms; they hold their core value in truth.

The best thing to do is to bring things down to their lowest common denominator. Is there something you can say about all people and life that is an absolute truth?

So, what is truth?

Truth is constant and ever present. There is a saying “the truth is the truth is the truth” No matter the position or level the truth resides within it. Truth is eternal.

There is a personal truth about something that is temporary, as in I am walking right now, or I am smiling right now. But, at the core of our being residues real truth which is eternal in nature.

What is the first truth?

The present moment is the first truth, the now. All other truths must be eternally present to be true. The only way to attune to truth is to awaken to the now, from that position of awareness, we can then begin to look at what is real and unreal, by measuring it off the constant moment.

A simple example of this is if we stood and watched a forest for 6 months with complete focus, without blinking or taking our awareness away from the forest.

We would see the colours of the seasons moving through the forest, that is the ocean of primordial energy eternally moving. When we observe the rhythm of the moving energy and mark it out, we call this time. The rhythm of the seasons, winter, summer and so on.

We can even match it to solar movement and measure out how long it takes for the earth to rotate, a day or a full moon is a month or the time it takes the earth to rotate around the sun, a year. All expressions of energy is motion through space and time.

When we observe the forest constantly for six months, not once did our awareness break, it was a true line of awareness for the entire time. Where did the present moment go within those six months? The present moment didn’t go anywhere, it never goes anywhere, because it is stillness itself.

This is why many who have gone to find themselves, find themselves sitting in a quiet place for extended periods of time… until the penny finally drops. “I am here, I have found myself”.

They found themselves in the constant of the stillness, when all the layers of the personality were peeled back, what remained is the self that cannot be taken away.

It may feel disheartening to observe the suffering we have to go through to finally wake up to ourselves. Until we remember that it is this very journey that gives our awakening its first value. Once we settle into it, living in the now is its own reward.

How can this be achieved without having to live in a cave for months on end. “I have a life with responsibilities”, I hear you say.

Start by going to a yoga class, it is not a religion but a practice of the ‘way’.

The first thing you will be introduced to is centering. And here the journey begins, as centering is the first step into stillness and your timeless nature.

The more you attune to the now, the more you are attuning to your timeless nature, and in this, awakening the primordial energy of the chakras.

The moment you are experiencing right now is the very same moment that was being experienced billions of years ago. Through the eternal turns of the wheel of life, there is only ever one now.

Through those many turns of the wheel of life, there have been countless religions constructed in all their forms. All based around the eternal truth of the now represented as god, gods or source, and surrounded by its rituals and dogmas.

Many religions have been the making of societies and the breaking of societies, but it is the awakening to one’s true nature that is the core journey we are all on, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Find your way!