There is a lot to cover in awakening and the chakras can be a mystery to people.

Think Clearly. Find More Headspace.

It’s a sunny day and you’re three days into a two week holiday.

From Instinct to Intuition

You are born complete. As a young baby you’re authentic in your innocence.

Just Give Me The Truth

You’re grounded in your body, calmly engaging with a clear mind, there is an ease...

Any Reason Is A Good Reason To Do Yoga

There’s such a wonderful feeling when you find a yoga class that really works for you.

Activate Your Core

Core power is personal power. Imagine all your muscles working in unison...

Root & Rise Everybody!

Yield. It’s your time to shine. We have one body to work with.

The Chakras

What are they are why do you need to know about them?