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Work out to find your centre, work in to refine your centre and wake up to live from your centre.


Why train with Yago?

We are the most established and experienced Yoga Training School in Ireland Established since 1996

Our System & Course

We bring you the expertise of yoga, through one unified system. What do we mean by unified? At Yago, we’ve integrated all these styles into one complete system to bring you the best of everything. We call our system, The Yago Way.

All styles of yoga fit into the system of yoga, much like a jigsaw but where do they all fit in. Beginners always start from the outside in, so the classical posture is the starting point quickly moving into alignment as this is very important for everybody to understand how their body works. As we develop and refine our centre we begin to lay in the breath and activate the core of the body. Essentially we are moving from physical control to energetic control, moving developer in the body, breath and mind. As we refine our centre we activate the flow state as we begin to move from the inside out.

This is the process we take you through on the course, during the practice we come across blocks in the body so we develop the subtle skill on micro movement and the restorative practice. Bringing it all together we develop mindfulness, its great to know what you are doing but its true mindfulness when you know how you are doing it at the same time.

The level one course takes trains you in how to teach 5 different styles of classes which gives you a very well rounded foundation in your self-practice and teaching skills.

The 5 classes are:

  1. Stability Yoga Class (Alignment)
  2. Core Yoga Class (Power)
  3. Flow Yoga Class (Flow State)
  4. Restorative Yoga Class (Micro Movements)
  5. Mindfulness Class ( the How of things)

First you teach the posture, then you teach the body, then you teach the person, then you teach the journey….join us and share the journey.

Our Experience

Yago, formerly The Yoga Therapy & Training Centre (YTTC) was established in 1996 and is now Ireland’s leading yoga training body. YTTC was the first Irish based yoga training to receive Yoga Alliance accreditation in 2003 and has gained a reputation for quality and excellence in teaching. To date, this highly recognised yoga qualification has been awarded to over 2000 students.

Training & Development

At Yago, we’re passionate about sharing the joy of yoga with the world. On completion of our Level 1 course, we offer our qualified yoga teachers the opportunity to further their studies by joining us on our Level 2 and Level 3 courses, subject to them meeting the required standards.

How long is the Level 1 course?

We offer an in-person RYT (200) weekend course, 11 weekends run over 12 months

When is the Level 1 course?

  • Weekend Dublin Spring Course 2024April to April 2023 
  • Weekend Galway  Course 2024; January – November
  • e-mail  yagoyogaall@gmail.com 
  • DM #yagoyogajudy
  • Call 089 410 9311

How much is the Level 1 course?

Weekend Course

  • One payment of €2500
  • Or, a deposit of €500 with 10 consecutive installments of €200 before each training  weekend.

Earlybird Payment Options

One payment of €2300 2 months before the course starts

Other Courses at Yago School of Yoga

  • Restorative/Chair Yoga CPD
  • Meditation Teacher Training

e-mail  yagoyogaall@gmail.com to enquire about any of our courses 

Courses Content

We offer an integrated teaching and learning experience. Please take a look at each of our training levels to get a full overview of the course modules.

Explore Level 1
Explore Level 2
Explore Level 3

Our Level 1 Course Schedules

Level 1 Weekend Course January 2024

Weekend Course Schedule
Dublin. Galway

Session 1:April
Session 2:May
Session 3June
Session 4:August
Session 5: September
Session 6: October
Session 7: November
Session 8: December
Session 9: January
Session 10: February
Session 11: March

Level 1 weekend courses

Weekend Course Schedule
Dublin Limerick Galway

Spring 2023Commencing April 2023

Level 1

Intensive Course Schedule
4th July 2020 Start

Accreditation & Hours

The course 200Hr RYT, Yoga Alliance Certified. It follows the Yoga Alliance Syllabus and specifications, making use of the most contemporary methods, and practice, while keeping close to the classical structures set down in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The course is made up of 280 hours. 180 hours are tutor contact. Home assignments cover the remaining 100 hours. The course duration is 11 weekends, run over 12 months or 23 days for our intensive course.


There are no special entry requirements, but a basic knowledge of yoga postures is helpful. A good measure of self-motivation is required for all aspects of the course and a genuine desire to learn and grow from the teachings of yoga.

It goes without saying but things like attendance are important. We ask that you take a look at the dates and try your best to make each weekend / day. If dates are missed, we do try our best to accommodate people to make up their days, but often missing days can impact the continuity of the course material and can make the learning feel a little fragmented.

If you like our course, please come prepared to take part in every aspect of the course, wholeheartedly. To make sure you get the very best of us!

Your Award

On completion of the course you receive your 200Hr RYT Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Diploma. 

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