Train to teach with confidence and become a well-rounded yoga teacher. 

We teach

  • Your experience


  • Your energy

    Chakra Essence: Stillness

  • Your experience

    Activate the Core

  • Your energy

    Chakra Essence: Personal Power

  • Your experience

    The Flow State

  • Your energy

    Chakra Essence: Radiance

  • Your experience

    Release & Renew

  • Your energy

    Chakra Essence: Joy & Truth

  • Your experience


  • Your energy

    Chakra Essence:
    Insight & Lightness

Train to teach with confidence and become a well-rounded yoga teacher. 

Level 1: Train to be a yoga teacher, 200Hr RYT

What will I learn?

Our Level 1 course trains you to teach five fundamental yoga classes.

  1. Stability – alignment and yield
  2. Core – activate the core
  3. Flow – the flow state
  4. Restorative – bliss in micro movements
  5. Mindfulness meditation – constant awareness

What subtle practice will I develop?

We’ll teach you to activate the five elements within your practice.

  1. We yield to activate the energy of the earth element – strength
  2. We flow to activate the energy of the water element – adaptability
  3. We activate the core to activate the energy of the fire element – power
  4. We move in micro movements to activate the energy of the air element – lightness
  5. We move from a place of stillness to activate the energy of ether – spaciousness

What qualities will I learn to teach with?

We’ll teach you to teach classes from the qualities of the chakras.

  1. Root Chakra – be still
  2. Sacral Chakra – be radiant
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra – be powerful
  4. Heart Chakra- be joyous
  5. Throat Chakra – be truthful
  6. Third Eye Chakra – be insightful
  7. Crown Chakra – be light


Phases 1: Stability Class
We teach you the principles of yield. And how to yield within alignment. These principles prepare you to teach our Stability class. The fundamentals of these teachings are closely connected to Iyengar yoga. The essence of the practice, is working from the outside of the body to the inside.

Phases 2: Core Class
We move deeper into the body and inner alignment by teaching you how to activate the core. In essence, the longer you hold the posture the less effort is put in and the more energy the body gets in return. This is called vitality.

These principles prepare you to teach our Core class. The fundamentals of the teaching are closely connected to Ashtanga yoga.

Phase 3: Flow Class

Once you have understood alignment, yield and activation of the core, we will teach you how to flow in these principles. Here you move from the inside out; moving from your centre to master the grace of the flow state. The fundamentals of the teaching are closely connected to Vinyasa yoga. 

Restorative and Mindful Meditation

Between each of the above phases, we teach you restorative movement and mindful meditation. In restorative movement, the focus is on micro movements to activate the subtle energies within the body. In mindful meditation, we teach you how to establish and nurture constant awareness and presence.

We teach:


  • Standing
  • Balancing
  • Forward Bends
  • Twists
  • Backbends
  • Inversions

Class Plan:

  • Centering
  • Limbering
  • Strengthening
  • Calming Down
  • Pranayama
  • Yoga Nidra


  • Stability
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Lines of force

Activating the Core

  • Ujayyi (victorious breath)
  • The locks (bandha)
  • Yielding

Vinyasa Flow

  • The anatomy of movement
  • The balance of effort and no effort
  • Moving from your centre


Breathing practice is layered throughout the course and is integrated into postures, relaxation and meditation, with each technique naturally evolving into the other.

Learn Full Yogic Breathing. And teach it in our Stability class.

Learn how to open to greater energy levels by activating the core, where we teach you how the Full Yogic Breath becomes the Ujjayi Breath.Teach this in our Core and Flow classes.

Learn how to master Alternate Nostril Breathing. Teach this in our Meditation classes.

Learn how to master Kalapabhati Breathing. Teach this in our Insight Meditation classes.

We teach:

  • Breath Awareness
  • The Natural Breath
  • Sectional Breathing
  • Full Yogic Breath
  • Ujjayi Breathing
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Kapalabhati


We teach you how to explore the inner journey of letting go through connecting to the body and the inner body of lightness. Mindfully moving through the rotation of consciousness around the body and deepening your experience of the 5 Sheaths (the physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and bliss).

As you awaken your bliss body you begin to tap into and awaken the chakras and the universal truths which reside within. The course explores the practice and teaching of these subtle experiences and, how to develop them through lesson and course plans.

We teach:

  •   Connected
  •   Lightness
  •   Rotation of consciousness
  •   The 5 Koshas (Sheaths)
  •   Awakening the bliss body
  •   The Chakras
  •   Returning to the Source


We begin the Meditation module by simply turning in and withdrawing the senses from the outside world, opening to your inner space. We teach the skills of mindfulness (constant awareness) the state of being that is awareness itself.

We explore the four states of consciousness and the awakening that comes from living in the present moment. As the practice develops, we explore how to layer the process of mindfulness through lesson and course planning.

We teach:

  •   Turning in
  •   Withdrawal of the senses
  •   Concentration
  •   Mindfulness meditation
  •   The Sixth Sense (being)
  •   Four states of consciousness
  •   Awakening consciousness (intuition)
  •   The Seven Chakras (personal truth/universal truths)


Our philosophy includes a basic introduction to classical yoga scriptures such as the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

We have taken the time to translate the essence of these teachings to a format that is more accessible in western culture. We explore living in the present moment, understanding that there is only one practice, one way with many different pathways. Each of us must find our own way on the path as we meet our authentic self.

Along the way we will laugh a lot and share the journey of discovery.

We teach:

  •   Living in the present
  •   There is only One practice (The Way)
  •   Our authentic self
  •   The cycles of life
  •   Beyond birth and death
  •   From awakening to realisation
  •   The One Source
  •   The Two Pillars
  •   The Three Threads
  •   The Seven Chakras
  •   The Eight Limbs


Anatomy helps us to understand how the body works. We apply this knowledge in theory as well as in practice as we journey through the physical structure and explore how anatomy relates to the postures.

The practical aspect of this module teaches you correct anatomical alignment in the postures (safe practice), and will assist students in identifying various anatomical landmarks on the body.

We teach:

  •   Structural alignment
  •   The anatomy of movement
  •   The spine
  •   Pelvic girdle
  •   Pectoral girdle
  •   Lower limb, feet
  •   Upper limb, hands
  •   Abdomen
  •   Neck
  •   Respiratory system


We introduce and explore the inner space and the energy that lays within. Tapping into our Energy (Prana) and the flow of energy through the subtle channels (Nadi’s) in the body. Engaging the central channel (Sushamna) and exploring the latent universal energy (Kundalini) that is within us all.

The One Source

  •   Freedom

The Two Pillars

  •   Awareness
  •   Energy

The Three Tendencies

  •   Positive
  •   Negative
  •   Neutral

The 5 Sheaths

  •   Physical
  •   Energetic
  •   Mental
  •   Intuitive
  •   Bliss

The Six Senses

  •   Sight
  •   Hearing
  •   Touching
  •   Taste
  •   Smell
  •   Being

The Seven Chakras

  •   The Root
  •   The Sacral
  •   The Solar
  •   The Heart
  •   The Throat
  •   The Third Eye
  •   The Crown


We teach a systematic and structured approach to teaching yoga that will provide the foundation for your teaching career.


We teach:

  •   Analysis, observation and direction
  •   Technique
  •   Posture modification
  •   How to touch and adjust students
  •   The three stages of adjustment
  •   Formulating lesson and course plans
  •   The subtle teaching of Yoga Nidra (relaxation)
  •   The subtle teaching of Pranayama (breathing)
  •   The subtle teaching of Meditation


We teach:

  •   Presentation and poise
  •   Listening skills
  •   Public speaking
  •   Motivation skills
  •   Understanding communication


Yoga teaches us to be practical, how to live in the world responsibly with awareness.

We teach:

  • Setting up a business
  • Self-employment
  • Marketing

Students are advised of sensible practice and of potential pitfalls.

full-pay level 1 course:


one time payment*

weekend level 1 course:


deposit + 10 instalments of €200*

intensive level 1 course:


deposit + €1500 due 4 wks before

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