Establish yourself as a yoga teacher and take yoga with your throughout your life.

We teach

  • Your experience

    Activate Core Yield

  • Your energy

    Chakra Power: Stillness

  • our experience

    Yielding Flow

  • Your energy

    Chakra Power: Radiance

  • Your experience

    Core Flow

  • Your energy

    Chakra Power: Radiance

  • Your experience

    Yielding Core Flow

  • Your energy

    Chakra Power: Personal Power

  • Your experience

    Flowing Release

  • Your energy

    Chakra Power: Joy & Truth

  • Your experience

    Presence & Inspiration

  • Your energy

    Chakra Power: Insight & Lightness

Establish yourself as a yoga teacher and take yoga with your throughout your life.

Level 2: Establish yourself as a yoga teacher.

What will I learn?

Our Level 2 course trains our teachers how to layer five fundamental yoga classes together.

  1. Stability Flow – yield & the flow state
  2. Core Stability – yield & activate the core
  3. Core Flow – activate the core & flow state
  4. Power Flow – yield, activate the core & flow state
  5. Restorative Flow – blissful micro movements & flow state
  6. Insight Meditation – presence & inspiration

What subtle practice will I develop?

Learn to activate the five elements within your students.

  1. We yield to activate the energy of the earth element – strength 
  2. We flow to activate the energy of the water element – adaptability 
  3. We activate the core to activate the energy of the fire element – power 
  4. We move in micro movements to activate the energy of the air element – lightness
  5. We move from a place of stillness to activate the energy of ether – spaciousness 

What qualities will I learn to teach with?

Layer the five elements into each chakra and learn how to activate the chakras in your class, through 8 week themes.

  1. Root Chakra: teach stillness
  2. Sacral Chakra: teach radiance 
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra: teach personal power
  4. Heart Chakra: teach joy
  5. Throat Chakra: teach truth
  6. Third Eye Chakra: teach insight
  7. Crown Chakra: teach lightness


We’ll build on your understanding of the core principles of movement through the exploration of more challenging postures, developing the body to move deeper into its natural integrity,  with power and grace.

We teach:

  •   Reversed Triangle
  •   Half Moon
  •   Reversed Half Moon
  •   Warrior 3
  •   Standing Forward Over One Leg
  •   Reverse Extreme Sideways
  •   Balancing Variations  
  •   Sitting forward Bend Variations
  •   Three Faced Pose
  •   Boat
  •   Reclining Hero
  •   Twisting Variations
  •   Camel
  •   Wheel
  •   Elbow balance
  •   Handstand
  •   Headstand
  •   Plough
  •   Fish Pose Variations


Breathing practice is layered throughout the course and is integrated into postures, relaxation and meditation, with each technique naturally evolving into the other.

We teach:

Single Nostril Breathing– explore the deeper channels of energy and awareness. Begin to activate the energetic body with awareness, centred in the present moment.

Alternate Nostril Breathing – begin to bind the deeper channels of energy and awareness together, creating the inner structure in preparation for channelling energy and awareness full of insight and wisdom.

Polarity Breathing – reverse the energies, creating deep and strong energetic channels. We ground ourselves into lightness and become light in our ground. 

Kaplabathai Breathing – cleanse the lungs and activate strong energy. Energy is pulsated through the central channel, and as is moves it cleanses the channel. Allowing consciousness to rise and radiate through the third eye. A beautiful polishing of one’s inner eye of clarity and perception. The third eye is awakened.

Bellows Breathing – open the central central and begin to radiate energy and awareness. The bellows breath clears the way for a radiant being to come into one’s practice.

Chakra Breathing – access our inner personal/ universal truths and identify the place they reside within. Each chakra has its own inner frequency of awareness and energy with a correlating movement of breath. Opening up the full mystery of freedoms breath.


We teach you a detailed understanding and practice of Yoga Nidra.

The Earth Body – explore the inner world where the body and the earth become one connection. Awaken to the true ground within, your authentic place of rest. The body that is embodiment itself.

The Fluid Body – access the fluid body and the ocean of fluidity within. Surf the energetic waves of being that is the ‘flow state’. Experience a seamless gliding from body to breath from breath to awareness, from awareness to being.  An effortless flow of authenticity.

The Radiant Body – access the heat within the body and draw your inner flame to life.  Expand the inner flame to create a radiant body that glows with abundant energy. When energy is balanced within the body, the breath flows naturally, and the mind is aware and clear. The authentic being that lays within comes forward and begins to radiate presence. The presence radiates through all the subtle layers of the body.

We teach:

  • The heart of relaxation
  • The body of wisdom
  • The body of insight
  • The release into freedom
  • The blissful body
  • Super consciousness mind, universal truths
  • Begin to activate lucid dreaming
  • Accessing the unconsciousness mind, all truth in potential
  • Accessing the sub consciousness, personal truth
  • Access and activate the consciousness of Mind, the truth of awakening


Moving from Mindful Meditation of Level 1, we begin to access the meditative states within the chakras.

We teach our teachers how to layer the chakra meditation practices into their class plans and eight week themes.

We teach:

  •   Inner silence
  •   Radiance
  •   Abundance
  •   Wisdom speaks
  •   Freedoms release
  •   Spaciousness
  •   Activating the chakras
  •   Stacking the chakras
  •   Layering the chakras


We explore living in the present moment, understanding that there is only one practice, one way with many different pathways. Each of us must find our own way on the path as we meet our authentic self. Along the way we will laugh a lot and share the journey of discovery.

Moving forward from Level 1, we explore the philosophy of yoga as living wisdom. We look closely at the key truths so they can be understood as a personal truth, as well as a universal truth. Simply put, what is our place in life and what is our purpose? There is an awakening which comes from knowing the answers to these questions. We begin to integrate the experience of the chakras, awakening to our highest self.

Once awakened to your higher self, we must explore core values, beliefs and identity. Asking the personal questions, such as “Who am I?” “What is the meaning of life?” “How do I find peace?”

There is a simple truth. To master something, we must be that thing as its own reward; joy is its own reward. Why is this simple truth so powerful and how can it be applied to living an awakened life?

We teach:

  • Wake up
  • Free from suffering
  • Seeing oneself for the first time
  • Aligning personal truth to universal truth
  • From being in the moment to being the moment
  • The fractal nature of life
  • Core values, beliefs and identity
  • Purpose and meaning
  • Understanding oneness
  • Merging and transformation
  • Living wisdom


Moving beyond the Level 1 course, we layer the core principles of yielding, core, flow, micro movement and mindfulness together. Access the power of the five elements of movement.

As we yield, we micro bounce with the body for strength. As we activate the core, we increase power. As we layer in the flow state we increase force, and with micro movements, we create expansion and bring our experience of movement together in one spaciousness. We layer this physical movement into breath work and begin to work directly with the spine and central nervous system. Activating our central channel.

As our teachers become comfortable moving energy, we teach how to channel this energy into the states of consciousness, known as the frequencies of the chakras.

We teach:

  • Binding the Three Tendencies
  • Opening the pathway through the Four States of consciousness
  • Awakening the Five Sheaths and Six Senses
  • Activating the chakras
  • Rotation of consciousness through the chakras
  • Bonding breath, bandha & spine


Move deeper into the body and look at how the different layers work together as one cohesive unit. Integrate knowledge in theory as well as the experiential knowing of each living system.

Develop the skills to consciously control the body. Our Level 1 course focuses on the muscles, joints and the breath. Level 2 moves deeper into the internal locks of the body, the heart and central nervous system. The practical aspect of this module will cover modifications, correct anatomical alignment in the postures (safe practice).

We teach:

  • The energetics of structural alignment, lines of force
  • The anatomy of movement, free movement
  • The spine and its dance, spirals
  • Pelvic girdle, power house of drive
  • Pectoral girdle, wings of lightness
  • Lower limb, feet, strength of the base
  • Upper limb, hands, balance of power
  • Abdomen, power house of the body
  • Neck, connecting spine and skull
  • Respiratory system, from breath to Prana
  • The heart, body’s pump
  • The central nervous system, body’s current


It’s important to create space in your life to teach. To truly create this space, the other core values in your life must be congruent with your commitment.

Knowing what is most important in your life and how all these things work together as one integrated experience is no different than understanding how the alignment of the body works. One is the internal body and the other is your external life. For success, both must be aligned.

If the body is out of alignment it can get tired, stressed and injured. Equally, if our life plan is misaligned our life can become stressful and tiring. Many times, it’s not the yoga teaching that causes teachers difficulty, it’s their lack of life planning.

We teach:

  •   What are you core values
  •   Developing a wheel of life
  •   Decision making
  •   Smart goal making
  •   Stress testing your plan
  •   Staying adaptable
  •   Play the long game


We teach a systematic and structured approach to teaching which provides foundation for a long-term teaching career.

Teaching Skills

We teach:

  • Building rapport
  • Anchors and triggers
  • Recognising capabilities
  • People management
  • Adjusting awareness
  • Refining adjustments
  • 3 levels of adjustment
  • Formulating 8-week chakra themes
  • Threading themes
  • Advanced teaching of Yoga Nidra (Relaxation)
  • Advanced teaching of Pranayama (Breathing)
  • Advanced teaching of Meditation

Communication Skills

We teach:

  • Presence and tone
  • Radiance and intention
  • Communicating from personal power
  • Listen from the heart
  • Speak with wisdom
  • See your students
  • Establishing commitment
  • The language of an advanced yoga teacher
  • Skilled listening and intuitive teaching
  • Creating a feedback loop of excellence
  • Understanding the three motivations, fear, duty & love
  • How to communicate motivation


Yoga teaches us to be practical, how to live in the world responsibly with awareness.

We teach:

  • Setting up a business
  • Self-employment
  • Marketing

Students are advised of sensible practice and of potential pitfalls.

Level 2 requirements:

  • All applicants must hold a Yago Level 1 Teaching Diploma.
  • All applicants must have attended a minimum of 100 classes at a Yago centre.
  • All applicants must be available to teach a minimum of one class for the duration of the course.


A Level 2 Yago Way Yoga Teacher Training Diploma is awarded on successful completion of the course