Live the transformation of yoga.

We teach

  • Your experience

    Bounce to Ignite

  • Your energy

    Raise the Kundalini:
    A Touched Heart

  • Your experience

    Waken the Serpent

  • Your energy

    Raise the Kundalini:
    A Radiant Heart

  • Your experience

    Surrender to the Ocean

  • Your energy

    Raise the Kundalini:
    The Heart Abounds

  • Your experience

    Awaken the Light Body

  • Your energy

    Raise the Kundalini:
    The Heart of Hearts

  • Your experience

    Awaken the Light Body

  • Your energy

    Raise the Kundalini:
    The Heart of Hearts

Live the transformation of yoga.

Level 3: Develop a lifelong Career as a Yoga Teacher

What will I learn?

  1. Activate the energy
  2. Channel the energy
  3. Yield and flow within body, breath, mind, thought and consciousness itself
  4. Activate the core to increase energy and strengthen the channel
  5. Layer micro movements to activate the light body and radiate energy
  6. Layer mindfulness to feel spaciousness
  7. Channel the energy, consciously with control

What subtle practice will I develop?

Learn to use the five elements to build your channel and unite the energy. 

  1. We yield to activate the energy of the earth element – strength
  2. We flow to activate the energy of the water element – adaptability
  3. We power the core to activate the energy of the fire element – power
  4. We move in micro movements to activate the energy of the air element – lightness
  5. We move from a place of stillness to activate the energy of ether – spaciousness

What qualities will I learn to teach with?

Learn how to activate the Kundalini in each chakra. 

  1. Root Chakra: teach stillness
  2. Sacral Chakra: teach radiance
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra: teach personal power
  4. Heart Chakra: teach joy
  5. Throat Chakra: teach truth
  6. Third Eye Chakra: teach insight
  7. Crown Chakra: teach lightness


By the very nature of the energy we’re working with, this course is based around freestyle movement. The structure of movement itself finds its ground in five elemental movements. We move through the full spectrum of movement, layering structure and incrementally channelling higher states of energy and consciousness.

From here, we begin to explore how the Kundalini practice itself is layered through our system of classes.

We teach:

Level 1 Classes

  • Stability – yielding with root and rise & micro bounce.
  • Core – activate the core with the breath of fire & gentle pumping.
  • Flow – the flow state with effortless movement.
  • Restorative – release & renew with micro movements.
  • Mindfulness – Presence with moment to moment movement.

Level 2 Classes

  • Core Stability – activate core yield, breath the root and rise with micro bounce with steady pumping.
  • Stability Flow – yielding flow, yielding the flow state with micro bounces and effortless movement.
  • Core Flow – activate core flow with steady pumping and effortless movement.
  • Power Flow – yielding core flow with strong bouncing and pumping with effortless movement.
  • Restorative Flow – flowing release with effortless micro movements.
  • Insight Meditation – presence & inspiration with moment to moment blissful movement.

Level 3 Classes

  • Kundalini Rising, Gravity’s Charm – bounce to ignite, pump, flow, shake, glide & embodiment.
  • Kundalini Breath of Fire, The Spine of Flame – awaken the serpent, pant, blow, pump, Bellows Breath & radiance.
  • Kundalini Flow, Neutral Buoyancy – surrender to the ocean, slow, steady, streaming & elation.
  • Kundalini Bliss, Awaken the Light Body – lightbody, slow-motion, travelling, micro movements, touch and illuminate.
  • Kundalini Ecstasy, Euphoric Rush – freedoms spiral, curves, circles, spheres, spirals and merging.


We will teach breathing technique but the focus here is on exploring the energy within the breath. Teaching is focused on the movement of energy, rather than breath control. 

A large part of this course is activating your intuitive breath and exploring the spontaneity which arises.

We teach:

Bellows Breathing – as the central channel opens it begins to radiate energy and awareness. The Bellows Breath clears the way for the radiance of your presence of being. 

Chakra Breathing – as we open the inner channel it gives us access our inner personal/ universal truths and the place they reside within us. Each chakra has its own inner frequency of awareness and energy, with a correlating movement of breath. Opening us up to the full mystery of freedoms breath.


Continuing on from our Level 2 course, we layer the core principles of yielding, core, flow, micro movement and mindfulness together to access the power of the five elements of movement. 

From here, we layer the physical movement into the breath and begin to work directly with the spine and central nervous system, to activate the central channel. As our teachers become used to moving energy up and down their central channel, we begin to channel it into states of consciousness that are the frequencies known as the chakras. We layer the quality of each chakra together to activate the primal Kundalini energy, transforming it into higher states of consciousness and energy.


Here we focus on the structure and channelling of truth, and the understanding of the transformational experience of awakening. Having one without the other creates an imbalance. Being the channel and the experience at the same time, is the key to living an awakened life. 

An example is the Root Chakra. Each chakra holds a personal truth and a universal truth. As a person awakens to the moment, they say “I am in the moment”, the personal truth of it can be asked as a question “Who are you when you are continually present”? As the person moves deeper into the moment, they experience the universal truth. They are not just in the moment, they realise they are the moment itself. By being both the structure and the channel of truth, there is space for alignment of both the personal and the universal truth, awakening the Kundalini from its slumber.

We also explore the practical philosophy of living an awakened life, delving more deeply into the challenges and rewards of living this life. 

Level 3 requirements:

  • All applicants must hold a Yago Level 1 and Yago Level 2 Teaching Diploma.
  • All applicants must have attended a minimum of 200 classes at a Yago centre.
  • All applicants must be available to teach a minimum of one class for the duration of the course.


A Level 3 Yago Way Yoga Teacher Training Diploma is awarded on successful completion of the course